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My name is Joe Palazzolo and this is

On this website I write about the topics that interest me including money, personal advancement, the fraternity movement, student loans, local politics, faith, volunteerism, education reform, and personal responsibility.

I believe in writing the truth even if that truth is hard to digest. If you think a frank discussion of reality is too much to handle, then you’ll consider to not be politically correct.

This website was created so I could make my thoughts available to the world. Today, the purpose of is to inject a healthy dose of reality within the national dialogues surrounding topics that interest me. Too often, I come across weak or biased opinions dictating our courses of action on these issues.

It’s revolting. is not a place for individuals who are weak in their convictions. Nor is this a place where I hold back judgment to meet society’s demand for all-inclusiveness in dialogue. Sometimes, a person’s opinion is just wrong. And this website is a place where wrong opinions will be labeled as such. The world is a harsh place and if you don’t learn to become aware of what is surrounding you, then you’re just adding to the problem. The writing on this website believes that society needs to put aside the “feel good” approach to dialogue and replace it with truth – even if that truth doesn’t fit the norms that have been forced onto this country since the rise of the counterculture in the 1960s. If you can’t handle truth speak, then you should leave.

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If you’re new to the website, then your best bet is to read an article that you enjoy and see if there are other articles in that category that interest you. For those of you that want a better look at some of the more popular articles on, the links below will guide you to what you want to read. I encourage everyone to get involved in the conversation through the comments at the end of each entry. I want to read your feedback.

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