One Year Free From TD Bank’s Craziness

One year ago today I went to TD Bank and asked them to close my account after being a good, loyal customer for ten years (first of Commerce Bank and then of TD Bank). As you might recall, this good, loyal customer was treated horribly by TD Bank by being lied to over a petty $15 fee. Well, I hope their fee was worth losing a customer over because for the last 15 months I’ve been a very happy, very pleased customer of Central Jersey Bank.

If you're in Central Jersey - use this bank!

Some folks thought that moving to a local, community bank was a bad idea since they invariably get bought up by larger banks. I disagreed with that point of view then and I disagree now. And yes, in the last 15 months since I joined Central Jersey Bank they were, in fact, acquired by a larger bank (Kearny Federal Savings Bank), but I’m not bothered by the acquisition at all. I haven’t been negatively impacted by this purchase other than that I now have more locations where I can use my debit card and not be charged a fee, which is actually a great benefit. There hasn’t even been a substantial name change yet other than renaming the bank “Central Jersey Bank, a division of Keary Federal Savings Bank.” I’m sure at some point there will be a larger name change, but – really – who cares?

Anyway, I just thought that I’d take a moment to recommend that each of you explore your local community banks and credit unions as a place to deposit your funds. You’ll find that when you’re a real name and a real face to the people at the bank, they’ll treat you better than the big banks who are mostly concerned about earning fees off your back.

  • Brian

    So, I too have been a loyal TD customer for many a year now. I never had issues with them when they were just Commerce Bank and I still don’t have too much complaining about them. Except that now they charge $2.00 each time you use a “non td bank” atm. I know it’s only two bucks but still, how annoying is that. For whatever reason that just irks me, so now I think I might be looking into another bank.

  • Joe

    F TD Bank, Boodiddly. Ever since their corporate headquarters moved from Cherry Hill to somewhere in Canada (aka America, Jr. or Canadia), they ceased to give a shit about their customers in this state. So you know what? Actions have consequences – they nickel and dime their clients and they lose their clients. Done.