A Clod Hopper Appears at the Gym!

Finally! I found one! Earlier today I was at the gym (eleven days in a row, by the way) and while I was on the treadmill I began to take inventory of my fellow gym-goers on the treadmills around me. Isn’t people-watching the best thing going today?

Anyway, the woman two treadmills down from me was the epitome of a clod hopper! Every step she took on the machine you would have thought that she was going to go through the floor. I’ll never understand why some people don’t pick up their feet when they get on the treadmills, but you know what? This woman was going at a pretty good pace and she was burning calories like it was her job. Impressive…

But still funny!

The other funny observation that I had at the gym today was the guy on the treadmill next to me. For those of you that go on these treadmills you know that you can increase the incline on the machine to simulate the going up hill effect. It’s actually a great way to burn more calories over the course of a week. Anyway, this guy get on the treadmill next to me and sets the incline at such a ridiculous level that he’s practically falling off of the machine! It was pretty funny – he couldn’t even swing his arms as he was walking because he had to hold on to the top of the machine to stay on it.

Clod hoppers and mountain climbers…hilarious!

  • http://vomitcomet.blogspot.com Steve

    Perhaps incline guy was training to climb walls. No? Didn’t think so.

    Too funny.