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President Barack Obama has pledged to be one of the most open Presidents in American history. To show that he is both tech savvy and willing to hear the comments from all American citizens, he’s transformed into a blog-style website. The new style of the site comes complete with a contact form where you can send a message to the White House with the hope that President Obama will actually read it.

The link for that portion of the White House’s website may be found by clicking here. I hope that Americans really take this opportunity to send messages to the White House to talk about the things that are affecting them everyday. Personally, I’ve sent two messages to the White House so far – both of them dealing with a tax issue related to student loans.

For those of you who have student loans, you’ll know that you can deduct the interest paid on your loans on your taxes. The problem is that you can only deduct up to $2,500 per tax year. Well hey, if you have massive student loan debt, you may be paying upwards of $5,000 or $6,000 per year in interest alone!

If you’re out there in the world and making good money, but are saddled with gigantic student loan debt, you know that being able to deduct the entire amount of interest paid on student loans would be a great way to put more dollars back in the pockets of the working class…the very people who would not have been able to attend college if it were not for those loans. So this is what I’ve been sending Obama – that you can go ahead and fix the economy, but if people with massive student loan debt are still spending an exorbitant portion of their income on this interest, then fixing the economy won’t matter.

One way to mitigate this problem is allowing Borrowers to deduct the entire amount of their student loan interest. If you agree, here is a short message that you, too, can send to the White House on the contact page listed above:

Tax policies should be revised so that 100% of annual interest paid on student loans can be deducted on personal taxes. Many Borrowers with high student loan debts pay a high portion of their annual, post-tax income as interest on student loans. Currently, only $2,500 may be deducted annually. Borrowers with larger student loan debts routinely pay upwards of $5,000 each year in interest. Allowing the total amount of interest paid to be deducted will better position these citizens in the economy.

You’ll see that you can only submit 500 characters worth of a message to the White House (which makes sense). The italicized blurb above is 500 characters on the dot. So if this is something that you can agree with, please copy and paste the text above into the contact form on the White House website!

  • dallas sanchez

    i think i can hellp u and the world have u ever thout of the world without mony were pepole go to work thay make stuf for uther pepole and then when thay need somthing thay go to a stor of eny sort and thay grab what thay need and leav thay dont have to pay for enything here inlines my idea pepole make stof for other pepole and thos other pepole mak stof for them so if the hole planet did this we would allways get what we want or need if u read this and like it i think i can help with som uther stuf to like marijuana

  • Mamadoh Elalfy.

    Hello Mr great president Obama,
    I still insist on my opinion that you ill be the leader of the century for your humanitarian behaviour,viewpoints,aids,investigations and everything really in favour of all people around the world.Believe me that s the truth,I swear I dont praise you, and you deserve it as you are the most flexible and intelligent American leader I have ever seen in my life.Mrpresident Obama, I was the first to expect your winning of the nobel prize and I think this should be done for the second time for your great efforts worldwide.Mr president Obama, I am Egyptian and I beg you to prevent those people who want to go to Sharm El Sheikh in our country to follow our former president Mubarak,to insult him more and more than before,to threaten him and his family there.this because all the reasons for demonstrations have been achieved and they got what they wanted to do and Mubarak himself listened to your good and weell-timed speech when you told him to leave then and he did so in silence not to hurt or kill his people like others. so I think it is not accepable or humanitarian to let those greedy and heartless ones to do so as Mubarak is very ill and faces so many fears, insults, accusations the most of such are false and unreal. Mr preasident it is a shame for all the Egyptians to imprison our leader, our father, who spent most of his life for us and his coountry. We need your highness to give a clear speech to the Egyptians to make them absorb the truth that Mubarak is now helpless ,ill and that he cant defend himself as he became an ordinary citizen,and we should let the court says its wordnothing more.Mr president Obama God bless you and I wish you the best of luck with your great democrats.
    Pls, take care as the world needs you and your men forever,
    Mamdouh Elalfy.

  • Rosie Campbell

    Mr. President,
    I have a sister, who lives in Montgomery, Al. She is a avid supporter of yours. She will turn 63 on April 16, and she would be overjoyed to receive a call from you. Your picture is every where in her home and she encourages others to support you.

    She is caregiver of her mother, Ella King, who is 90 years old and she doesn’t get out a lot. Her name is Mary Friendly and her address is 4140 Gateway Drive, Montgomery AL, 36108. Her telephone number is 1-334-284-3270.

    I know this is an unusual request but if you can do this for her, she will be thankful. Rosie Campbell. I’m also a supporter.

  • http://vfhvv carina

    precidente caderon quise escrivirle para desirle q megustaria ser algo com lo q sienpre esoñado y creeo qusted puede realisar mi sueno lo q sienpre eqrido es ser una ajente del govierno me emetido apajinas para versi puedo ser parte de un equipo pofavor alludeme tengo 16 años pero soy capas de ir auna academia cies pocible porfavor deme una respuesta pero megustaria ser parte yo vivo en el estado de jalisco en un pueblo queseyama degollado aseteme eso seinificaria mucho porq quiero defender ami pais

  • Mamie Smith

    A Tribute to President Barack Obama

    Please find a video paying tribute to our President. What it lacks in technological skills, it excels in heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the job this President is doing.

    Mamie Smith

  • Mamdoh Elalfy.

    Dear Mr president Barack Obama,
    wanna tell you something I think so important for keeping your great popularity and fans so close to beat your rival and I do think so will happen , these are as follows:1-Besides asking the rich to find work opportunities for young people who are unemployed instead of raising tax or imposing an additional one,you must do your best to help them find jobs in other close and neighboring countries with which you have strong ties in exchange of different services and the like.2-On the other hand,paying for the graduates who are unemployed and who have no fixed or no income at all as a monthly aid to be able to face the cost of living through classifying them into categories according to their ages,qualifications,years of graduation,family positions,their urgent needs and so on.All these matters should be your next speeches and to be put into consideration and deeds even if your great members of your Democratic party take most of it on their own as they did before. President Obama I wish you the best of luck. I will send you so many other suggestions later as I am weary now.

  • rohullah

    hello mr brack obama i want to tell you please help me i want to visit united state and i want to work so please help you can do some thing for me my name is rohullah iam 15 years old and living in quetta pakistan my nationality is hazara i hope that you will do for me any thing i should came there to work so please help me this is my email address please please

  • Michael Brown

    President Obama
    Sir I think that you should go before the american pulbic and tell them how the Replublicans are trying to run America down
    the drain by not even accepting a taxable charge against “Millioners and Billioners” so they can tax the middle class, which I am a member of. You certainly have more knowledge in the subject than I do, but I wish you would call these politicans by name and tell the american public that they only want to defeat you no matter what and too bad about the rest of America.
    Thank You,
    Michael Brown
    email – [REMOVED BY EDITOR]


    please tell barak obama too push 24 hours in every city that should be like Dallas/Huston tx


    if every major city in the U.S. was up & running 24 hours this would be a huge impact on the economy


    the nest billion dollar industry is solar & wind power facctories An, make sure that every city is not putting red tape on the people open up the flood gates make it affordable for every one Do not let them commercailize it ! FACTORIES

  • Harley center

    Mr obama ur a man of integrity supposed to be a man of his word?I think not where’s the jobs at?I’m a truck driver and the way we are treated is crappy we make the u.s.a. Possible if it weren’t for us u would b homeless,hungry,naked,yet the prices of fuel for us is outragous can u remember when deisel was cheaper than gas? Yet u stick it to us with all these new rules whick is bullshit!u suck and I hope u get what’s coming to u!ever heard of carma!I won’t vote for u that’s for sure we truck drivers can’t stand u.the wealthy stay that way and us blue collar workers who work 70 hours a week to support our familys can’t get shit!and all u do is vacation and jet set around the globe!fuck you!I haven’t had a vacation ever in my life!I have a sick grandmother who’s dying with cancer and we couldn’t give her a proper buriel if we wanted to!It took me a long while to get a job and it don’t pay shit I was getting a check for 240 a week on unemployment in arizona that’s top pay and I help take care of my father and grandmother couldn’t even get food stamps they said I make to much cash at 240 a week!I’ve been a trucker for 9 yrs!averaged at least 500 a week!my dad was a very decorated war hero in veitnam who served his country as a door gunner u give him a 600$ measley dollar paycheck!we have helped the usa and we are shit on! Fuck all u goverment assholes!

  • Clyde Dampier

    dear Barack Obama I know you dont know me but i know you this Clyde i just want to tell you i have a big problem im am mad of myself just bitter of different things please help mp?

  • edwardo

    I have a ideal why not give the little people some of that money that is being wasted on helping the rich man stay richer.
    Give me a grant to buy some land and start a earn your keep farm.
    Everyone can do something even if its to talk to others or teach young people to work.
    If I had the money I could pay people to build a town that they would live in.
    Every one would be assigned a job.
    The town would work together and have a monthly meeting.
    I WOULD set up a power sours to have electric such as windmills water turbines or solar panels.
    People could grow their own food plus sell or trade the extras to people visiting town.
    People inside of town could trade goods.
    Have a currency for people who lived inside of towns.
    When people grow old the town would take care of them.
    Some could grow livestock others corn and such.
    The town would pay taxes as a whole.
    They would be no gasoline engines aloud in this town only electric or fuel made from corn.
    This would be a self sufficient town that could stand on its own if it needed to.
    Towns like this would have less stress on our government system.
    The government just needs give a little man a chance to change the world.

  • abel vixamar

    i wanna say thankyou to the american people for helping haiti god bless the u nited states of american people thanx for helping my contry

  • josh williams

    the american government suck we cant do nothing were way to much in debt. and are president is putting us more in debt.

  • LaJune

    I just wanted to say u said Yes we can not Yes i can it is ashame that people do not understand the message I took it as if everyone give 2% or more of there time we together can bring this plasce we call USA back to where it should be.I also think that you are given the time needed to get things done people think u can just walk into office and say what will change today they do not look at how many people u set with each and every day trying to come up with a better way of doing things and then dealing with what i call the other big house alway having to fight with you instead of coming together for USA and i could not deal with the job u have so many people having a voice and not alway a good voice i feel if u don’t really understand then why talk about it i do not understand all of it or what your job could be like i just know if u are not helping then shut up, stop talking so much when u r not helping out in your town on your street at your job or what it may be just shut up and let the man do his job. i just so sick of people talking when they have not got off there butts and done a thing to help make a different yet are so quick to talk about something and complain keep up the good work i do understand yes we can

  • abelvixamar

    was sup all my american china economy is growing very fast

  • Linda J. Ross

    Dear Mr. President,

    I love you. I have always been a democrat and supportive of you. I include you in my prayers EVERYDAY and will continue to do so. I am, however so disappointed that you would compromise your faith by supporting gay marriages. Either you believe God or you don’t. Just because the world is being corrupt and accepting this lifestyle does not mean that you should not stand whether you are voted back in office or not. God is still on His throne and nothing is worth being conformed to this world.

    Romans 12:1-2 (KJV) I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    Please President Obama, think on these things and do the Will of God! I unfortunately will have to change my vote to Republican for someone who will obey God. I’m sure other Christians should be convicted to do the same.


    Linda J. Ross

  • seuin pirson

    Dear Mr President , I prayed so hard and for so long and i am so happy that the healthcare reform was upheld. Now democrats should not run away from from this.Democrats should talk about the good things about this healthcare reform.They should ask their audience , Do you want to give up all this ? What does the Republican have to replace this?.
    You can call this healthcare insurance, healthcare premium, or healthtax or what ever. Remind them not everyone has to pay this as long as they have insurance. Please Mr President please post a one page list of all the good things that the health care reform has, and give short concise answers to questions. Let the american people know that this is not like a tax that is imposed on all people,the republican can call it what they like, it is a healthcare premium. Romney does not care about the middle class and poor people, he used to when he passed the healthcare law in masschachusets, but now he only cares about the 1%.If Romney wins, the government will be run by the millionares and billionares who are now in the shadows but they want their pound of flesh, also Rover Norquist protecting Romney,s 5 digits so that he can sign his bills.Democrats must fight harder to get back the house and senate. The republicans have no sense of fairness, they are the most underhand and selfish people in the world.
    God bless you and your family and looking forward to your re-election.

  • Victoria Marfisi

    Dear President Obama: Congratulacion for your new Health Insurance, I am a Republican but I like very much the way your conducted our Country. God Bless You and your family. My name is Victoria Marfisi and my husban is a Democrat. We are with you.

  • renee

    please Barack Obama my name is renee gXXXXXe i live in charlotte nc and is waiting for the movement of the life going down i am looking for work can you help me please or send me a ticketed to ethiopia i am a rastafarian i really want out of this country check out my page please on face book mother of rastafari sarah the real of creation please let iand i leave this babylon vibes and by the way ini pray for your family i know your very down the earth family let nothing happen to your wife and them loveing children of your. god bless you and yours JAH LOVE RASTAFARI LIVE IN THE HEART OF ALL FLESH.

  • president obama

    you re the one to win again yes yes. tell the mitt his name i mudd hee hee also tell him that he avoided the draft with his das help. he tied to be cop which he wasnt in college he is in charge the bain and is and alwys will be he hasmoney in over seas he is a crook…..

  • http://YAHoo anjannetteLeAnn Morgan

    Dear Sir

    I want justice and frredom.Mental Health especialy inyuma az,ive been thru so much.

    People on the job are racist,abusive,stole money from ssi clients.The system as failed the people.

    Everyday life in strife,i appriciate you and your family,i pray,and i can’t wait im ready for God to come back.

  • Susan leary

    Dear Mr.President – I really do love you & respect you totally, but need you to get stronger with your message to people. I am terribly concerned that Romney might defeat you. Please get your message out with more strength. Regards to you & your wonderful family regards a citizen totally behind you

  • jason hart

    Dear Mr. President I need your help, I know you are coming to pueblo, Colorado. Soon to visit the steel mill. I am a single father of two boys, and have lots of medical issues. Evraz has recently let me go for my medical problems. I’ve been under Dr. Care and also been under the people’s with disabilities act. Please help me, Mr. President, Iam begging you, have two kids and need to support them, please help. My #xxx-303-3xxx Jason hart respectively. Please sir.

  • http://a.t.t christine oakley

    i tried to call people in 2008 and august 3 that hurricane isaac was coming i saw avision and leslies is coming your was noe one woulsd listen they thought i was craziy

  • http://a.t.t christine oakley

    1912 it was flooded in louisana and back when presdent jefferson was the hurricane back when he signed louisana perchase

  • http://a.t.t christine oakley

    manhatten and in time square delware washington leslie is coming your way christine oakley ibn alanrtic beach fl.

  • http://a.t.t christine oakley

    i think youll be the one help president obama

  • http://Google Jasmine

    Dear president obama my name is jasmine I am from pittsburgh pa. I am 19 years old.I survive off of dancing yes stripping. Every year it becomes the thing to do. It is very hard out here for the lower class to live. Me personaly I am content some wat because I know americas goal and all the evil things that go on with the law but I care about my family. I dnt even wanna have kids due to the economy. Wat should I do become an eastern star. Is masonary good or bad??? Ummm. I wish I could talk to u face to face. wat is the future goin to look like. That’s it for me have a wonderful day. Oh I can I read signs and put things together if it means anything to you

  • Joseph Perez

    i been evicted with a falls acusation  supposedly threatened the manager is not true they dint lisen to me or my  neighbor is not fear i have conditions like cancer epilepsy depression bipolar anxiety sciatic nerve i have to 3/31/13  plz help me


    why dont or cant we use sea water for our sewage usage?


    mr obama i have a uneducated theory that maybe drug addiction is as predispose to person like being gay instead of it being a decease i found that when i was young i use to spin around till i got dizzy then i would do it again while my friend next to me did not do it again as i did so i choose it and my friend did not but i had no idea why i liked it i just did i hope im not contradicting myself


    i live in honolulu and you are a great president i hope your successor is as good you have my total support mr obama take care and mahalo and aloha