Start the Weekend Right Link Series – Volume #2, Edition #2

Here’s hoping that you enjoyed last week’s return of the Start the Weekend Right Link Series. And just like last week I’ve got a bunch of great links for you to consider to begin this weekend with all of the knowledge that you need to know and, of course, to spread around to your friends. Just think, you’ll be the most impressive person at this weekend’s BBQ or football game because your mind will be packed full of the great content that I have to share with you today!

Granted, you’ll have to read these links in order to be the one with all of the knowledge. But today is Friday and you’ve worked hard all week – so kick back, relax, and fill your mind with some good reading.

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The Downfall of Being A Cool Kid, Be Great Daily
Back in January 2003, I was a college senior who just rolled off of two straight years of being the President of my fraternity. During those two years we did a lot of really great, transformational things to help improve the chapter and all of that experience was floating around my head needing an outlet. Our volunteer regional director decided to host a regional development workshop for the undergraduates from around New Jersey right at my home chapter and he asked me to speak. One of the major points in my presentation during that workshop was the concept that is covered in this article. My spin on it was that members of our fraternity shouldn’t try to be the “cool” kid in the chapter; they should strive to be the most active, productive member of the chapter! Give this article a read – I love the message!

The “Perfect” Salary for Happiness, by State, Lifehacker
You may remember a long while ago when I wrote about the Princeton University study suggesting that an income of $75,000 was all that was needed to be happy. The study suggested that after you earn $75,000 per year, earning more money doesn’t necessarily add more happiness. Well, that study has now been adjusted on a state-by-state level and, as the rest of my fellow New Jerseyans already know, everything is more expensive in New Jersey. In the great Garden State, our “happiness” number is $95,700 per year… so get to work, everyone!

Cash, Wall Street Playboys
In keeping with the theme of money, the guys over at Wall Street Playboys put together a great article about how you should view cash. There’s even a short guest appearance by the Oracle himself, Warren Buffet. In particular, I like their perspective on cash flow being king and time equaling money.

How Do We Fix the Ivy League?, The American Conservative
Those of you who are not involved in education may not be aware that grade school, high school, and college classes all started this week. In recognition of the college classes starting this week I’m posting this link which I found incredibly thought-provoking. The American Conservative looks at what the problem is with the Ivy League admissions process and proposes some suggestions to improve the system. If you have an interest in higher education and truly finding ways to improve the system for coming generations, then I think you want to read this article.

Journalists Misunderstanding What “Literally” Means, Patriactionary
This one is short and sweet. The writer of Patriactionary points out a journalistic mistake that makes this English major shake his head in exasperation.

A Morning in the Life of Victor Pride (Video), Bold & Determined
I read a small group of optimistic, empowering websites that focus on giving young men the type of inspiration that they need to become their best selves. One of my favorite sites in this group is Bold & Determined and I think that this short video and the accompanying commentary are a great example why I rank this site so highly on my list. I encourage everyone, especially the younger guys who might be reading this series, to check out Bold & Determined.

Four Ways to Spot a Great Teacher, The Wall Street Journal
This is a great article. With school back in session this week I’ve noticed some of the New Jersey-centric online newspapers publishing their all-too-common anti-education reform bashing articles. In fact, one of them posted an op-ed from a far left professor who bashed all of the reform movements that are popular in New Jersey (popular because they work) and the guy didn’t give a single fact to back his perspective. Not one fact. Talking about good, high quality education in New Jersey can be very frustrating, but this article attempts to get to the core of the issue. What makes a good teacher great? This article gives four great indicators of a great teacher.

The Healing: Victim of Brutal Beating Meets Attacker 25 Years Later, The Saturday Evening Post
This article starts out with a guy recounting how he was tossed out of his home as a kid for coming out as gay. He then talks about being homeless before he tells a story about nearly being beaten to death. Of course, this wouldn’t be something for The Saturday Evening Post to publish unless there was a newsworthy twist. And that twist is that the guy who was nearly killed coincidentally wound up meeting – and working with – the guy who perpetrated the attack. While I wasn’t as moved by this article as I’m sure some folks were when they read it, I was interested enough in the story and the weird way that coincidences tend to work out to share the link here for your consideration.

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  • Joe

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    And yes, people can be incredibly stupid at times.