Goes Live Over the Weekend!

Over the weekend I activated a pet project of mine: I’m a wrestling fan and have been since I was a little kid watching Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior go at it at WrestleMania VI. However, in recent years I’ve really come to dislike the product that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) puts out there. In my view, no matter what happens and no matter what year it is, there are certain people who will always either be the champion of the organization or at least on the top of the card.

Because I was disenfranchised by WWE, I began watching Total Nonstop Action (TNA) which is based out of Orlando and Nashville. It’s pretty entertaining, though the writing seems to be questionable at times. This is the same TNA that Hulk Hogan recently announced he would be working for as a management consultant (in fact, he makes his debut tonight).

Anyway, I began watching TNA a few years ago and at some point during the summer of 2008 I began working on a TNA-only wrestling website. Many of you know that I began my foray into the wrestling website world with a personal website called The Balrog’s Lair, which eventually morphed into That website is more like a wrestling supersite with information dating back over a decade. I intended for to be a different type of site – one that has news, rumors, results, and opinions, but also one that has profiles of wrestlers from the promotion. I didn’t quite accomplish my goal to have a bunch of profiles of the wrestlers on, but I did manage to put together what I think is a pretty bad ass design for a small wrestling website.

Anyway, this pet project of mine is now live so if you have any interest in learning some more about TNA Wrestling, then head over to and enjoy!

  • Steve

    “It’s pretty entertaining, though the writing seems to be questionable at times.”

    That sure is mighty charitable of you, sir. I watch TNA all the time and am constantly amazed by how the writing team takes a roster of performers as great as the one they have and completely craps on it. I’m also amazed by how quickly they go back to their regular stupidity time and time again after a great build to a great match, something which I assume has to happen in TNA either by accident or by way of a sneaky employee replacing the regular script with something sensible while the regular writers are distracted by trying to figure out how they can cram even more stipulations into one match.