Donated My Truck to Kars-4-Kids

Earlier this month I donated my 1999 Chevrolet Blazer to the Kars 4 Kids charity. You know this organization if you listen to NJ101.5 – they have the commercial where the guy and the kid both sing “1-8-7-7 Kars 4 Kids…” It sticks in your head (and apparently it works since they were the first group that I thought of when I wanted to donate my truck).

It was a very pleasant experience and the Kars 4 Kids people were very nice to speak with on the phone. If anyone has a car or a truck that they are looking to get rid of, then they should consider donating it to a charity like Kars 4 Kids. Not only do you get a tax deduction, but I also got a three-day, two-night stay at a hotel of my choice. Pretty sweet, huh? I’ll be putting that to good use this summer when I go down to Nashville.

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Kars 4 Kids seems to be a Jewish-based organization that provides “for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of distressed and at-risk Jewish youth.” There’s a whole page of stuff that this organization does to help young people. I admit that I had no idea that Kars 4 Kids was a front for this organization when I made the donation, but it doesn’t matter. As long as someone who is less privileged is getting some type of benefit from my old truck, then all is well!

  • Jacob Spades

    Commented via Blackjack

    Wait, so I’m confused (naturally). The kids aren’t the ones driving the cars are they?! Cause if they are, then I think what you donated was a coffin on wheels, sir!

  • Marty Hawrysko

    Congratulations Joe.

    The Kars for Kits commercials run here in Chicago too and get a lot of flack from a lot of people for possibly be a phony or shady organization. If I’m going to hear their jingle constantly, and proceed to later sing it in my office, I’d rather know they are legit and do a lot of good.

  • Joe

    Jacob – No, no. I donated my truck to this organization which will turn around and auction it off. The money that it makes from auctioning it off will be used to send some kid to camp.

    Marty – I’m not sure if Kars 4 Kids does a lot of good, but I’m sure you can poke around their website and see what you can find. I wish that I knew the full purpose of the organization before I made my donation because it absolutely would have deterred me from making it. I would have rather donated my truck to an organization that would have used the funds for disease research or something.

  • Marty


    I didn’t mean for my post to come across as doubting the integrity of Kars for Kids. The fact that they have been advertising, at least for what I can personally remember, for the better part of three years suggests they are a reputable organization. They are just easy to make fun of because of how annoying their jingle is. That said, it’s an honorable thing what you did and because you did donate to them, I now can at least think more highly of them now when I do hear their them on the radio.

  • Joe

    I think I’m the one questioning the integrity of Kars 4 Kids – but only just a little. I’m glad that my truck will help some kid in need attend summer camp, but I really should have done my research before I donated. I would have rather my truck be donated to an organization that funds research against juvenile diabetes or childhood cancer, you know? You think of “charity” and “kids” and you think of St. Jude’s, you know? Not summer camp.

    But you know what? There are many needs in this world and if sending a Jewish kid to summer camp is a need that I can help some family meet, then I’m resting easy at the end of the night. :-)

  • stinkyfinger

    this commercial is the most irritating of all time.
    this commercial is played to terrorist locked up at Guantanamo bay prison.
    the red cross investigated and made them stop playing because it was considered cruel and unusual punishment which violated the Geneva Convention.

    DAMN IT WFAN STOP THE PUNISHMENT! when i listen to wfan at night it infiltrates my dreams and is making me crazy. this commercial may be on the jukebox in hell!

    never donate a car to this f%$king KARS for KIDS! they are evil!

  • Betty Holt

    I donated a car in June. Nice ppl, picked up quickly, got temp receipt and then official receipt…..then 3 tickets from the City of Chicago for no plates, exp registration and abandonment.

    Not I have to deal with that. Don’t know what went wrong. Called their number and left msg. Hope I get a call back.

    Have to send copies of documents to Chicago, prob should send all signature required. So that’s a cost and a trip.

    I’m sure it will be cleared up, but wonder how many others this happened to. Costs Chicago to send all this stuff out too and then their and my time to deal with it.

    Who knows, maybe they have so many donations they ran out of room.
    And they do auction them off for parts. Where do you think all those junkyards get their cars?

  • Annakay

    They worked well for me, got my $500 dollar tax write off and 3 day 2 night stay in Daytona beach~


    I have a very difficult time believing that this is a legit charity. Their commercials run NATIONWIDE. You hear them in Chicago, you hear them in Oklahoma, you hear them in California. The ad buyer for this charity has got to be making a FORTUNE. Why should people from all over the country be sending Jewish kids in NJ to summer camp? Who owns the camp? How are the kids chosen for the camp? Can anyone apply or is it just a “friends and family” thing? Somebody is making tons of money on this (annoying) advertising and you can’t find their IRS reporting or check out their charity on any of the charity reporting sites. Give to the local Lung Association or Cancer Society. I gave our old BMW to the local classical music radio station. BTW, if you get something for your donation, don’t you lose any tax deduction. I will never give anything to a group who annoys me as much as those commercials do.

  • David

    It’s fine and well that the kids will benefit. But it’s not all fine and well and it’s not all that matters. There is no doubt that intentional deception is at work here. Here is a question. Would the people involved in the organization want the children to know that the money came from people being intentionaly decieved? Of course they will deny it. But anyone with any common sense can see that they have intentionaly left out the religious agenda. That is simply wrong and it’s not a lesson I would want for my kids.

  • izabela

    I will just tell you that if you donate your car to kars 4 kids, you are donating your car to orthodox jewish kids summer camps and private schooling. Not starving, freezing, homeless, sick children of all races and creeds. These folks use the proceeds to buy land, build day camps, and pay for the clergy and mexicans who work at these camps. That said, I could not stand for ANY child to be distressed or at-risk, but these people are using these alarming terms in a misleading manner. This is a community that has men working for cash and claiming welfare for their families since their clergy is not certified for performing marraiges. Therefore the women collect welfare for all of the children they give birth to and raise, while the men are basically considered lifetime students which they recieve state and federal money for as well.

  • Linda

    Here is more info:

    I believe they are also being investigated for helping to hide cash in a money laudering scheme.

  • Jake

    Kars for Kids is a SCAM, Kars 4 Kids is a FRAUD, Kars for Kids are criminals acting as a charity. The comments here are absolutely right it’s a Orthodox Jewish religious charity that purposely hides behind cute advertising and catchy jingles. I’m so insulted they won’t come out and say who they are. They fooled my 80 year old grandmother into donating a car. They are on my enemy list forever. Liars and Jerks. Don’t believe them

  • KT

    Beware! I donated my car, worth about $2500.00 and got a receipt for $500.00. Hummmm, Kars4Kids has to provide documentation to the IRS for any donation over $500 so I think they just cap off everything at that amount. Did I mention, Beware!?!
    ASPCA I found out after I already donated will at least give you a receipt for what your car is worth.

  • KS

    I’m thinking to donate my car, any suggestions? what is website of ASPCA? I found it as animal charity but they only accept money.

  • Joe

    There are some good services out there for children. You should run a Google search and see what comes up. If I had to do it again, I would have chosen a service that provides funding for children’s surgeries.

  • http://comcast abe bryant

    just gave 2000 dollar dodge caravan to carsfor kids the gave me receipt 500 dollars total rip off dont give them anything its a scam

  • David

    Kars 4 Kids helps only Jewish kids. I donated my car and I didn’t know that it will help only Jewish Kids. This is not fair that these people help only Jewish kids. If I had known it helps only one race I wouldn’t have donated my car.
    Please check their mission at